Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Industrial Accident

Industrial Accident
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this poor cone forgot to wear it's hardhat


Anonymous said...

Having recently suffered an injury due to an accident at work I am considering my options, due to the injury I have been unable to work and have not been receiving sick pay, does my boss have an option to pay me or is it dependent on circumstance? I can’t afford not to have money coming in but can’t work should I sue him or do I need a legal professional to speak to him for me? I have seen all those adverts on television about industrial accidents and people for silly amounts of money, am I entitled to a claim, I don’t want to post personal details but I was working away and fell off something because the support wasn’t secure and broke and I have injured myself!

akabyam said...

Sadly, if you are a traffic cone, you are are not entitled to any compensation what so ever